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Depending on the class (PLUS or Flex and Flow), we will utilize different equipment consisting of 3 or 5 pound weights, sponge balls, yoga mats, latex thera-bands, and the barre of course.  All this equipment will be provided for you.  You will almost certainly want to bring yourself some water.  If you must have your phone, please silence it. 


​This is what you can expect your first class.


While the exercises are very low impact, they are also high intensity, so you will get a great workout without putting stress on your joints like running and jumping can.  People of all sizes, ages (18+ for our classes), and genders can do barre (yes, men can do barre too!).  You’ll find this is a fast and effective way to notice changes to your body.  For the best results, come to as many classes as possible. 


​There are no shoes in barre, so leave them outside the door.  This will keep the floor of the studio clean and free of obstacles.  You may want to wear grippy socks to cover your feet and protect you from slipping.  Wear form-fitting exercise clothing (such as leggings, capris, pants, tank tops) so that your alignment is easily visible and you are comfortable. 

If you’ve never been to a barre class before but are thinking of trying it out, here are some helpful tips and information about what the class entails to get you prepared.  If you are dropping in, arrive 10-15 minutes early to have time to get registered and see the facility.  Please take a moment to let me know before class that you are new and feel free to stick around after to ask questions if there’s anything you’re unsure of. 

The classes are inspired by pilates, ballet, and yoga.  You do not need any dance experience; you just need to be ready to let your sweat drip and muscles shake and burn while you chisel your physique in an energetic class performed to upbeat music.  You’ll never look at ballerinas the same, this workout is intense!  Some of the class will focus on isometric movements, which are very small movements that allow you to target specific muscles for intense toning.  Think small, you only have to move about an inch or so to feel the effect of these exercises.  While this may sound easy, you’ll be amazed at how much you can feel with just moving an inch or two!  Many of the movements involve neutral spine, where the spine’s natural curve doesn’t change, or “imprinted” spine.  To imprint, flatten the lower back by drawing the abdominals in and slightly tilting the pelvis forward.  This will decrease the space between your lowest ribs and your hip bones.  Don't get worried if you start shaking during some of the exercises.  This is common during barre and  just means that you've worked your muscles to the point of fatigue,  so work it during barre and then make sure to allow your body to rest up after.  Your muscles will most likely be sore afterwards, this is not a bad thing.    

As a newcomer, give yourself credit for just showing up and making it through.  Don’t be tough on yourself if you can’t do it all or don’t know the moves.  Stick with it, and it will become easier and familiar. 

Ultimately, have fun!  Class moves fast and you’ll be finished before you know it.